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National Unfriend Day

National Unfriend Day was thought up and announced by Jimmy Kimmel in 2010, as an event that should take place each year on November 17. He claimed that people have too many friends on Facebook and couldn’t possibly have that many friends in real life, so they should unfriend some of their online friends. He said, “I would like people to start whittling this down,” when referring to their long friends lists, and suggested to “cut out some of the friend fat in your life.”

Celebrate the day by going through your list of Facebook friends and unfriending those people you are not close to and are not really your friends. As Jimmy said, if they don’t respond to a post you make about needing help to move to a new house or apartment, they probably aren’t your friend. While you are on Facebook trying to figure out who to unfriend, you could check out the page for the day as well.


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